Sunday, December 10, 2006

Baby steps

The knee rehab is coming along gradually.  I took my mountain bike out yesterday for the first time since surgery for a ride on an actual trail, riding everything but the short intermediate loop at Harris Lake.  While I still can't stand while pedaling, and as such had to walk up some of the climbs on the advanced loop, overall I felt surprisingly good and Steve and I had a wonderfully enjoyable ride, albeit a slow one.

 Then today he and I decided to tackle the tennis courts.  I had not picked up my racquet in a while, so I was a bit apprehensive.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to play a full two-set match.  I'm still not completely comfortable or confident with quick bursts of speed, and in fact really don't have that capacity as of yet, but I was able to run a little to get to some shots I was not even close to making just a few short weeks ago, so I feel like I am making some progress.

 As per the orthopedist's instructions, I have begun a walk/jog program and am currently up to roughly a 4:1 minute run/walk ratio for about 30 minutes several days per week.  I still have a rather awkward gait with the running portion, but my surgeon and physical therapist have assured me that with the three P's (persistence, patience and practice), that will improve over time.  Of course, I continue to stretch before and after exercise, ride the indoor bike regularly nearly every day to increase my range of motion, and ice down the knee after exercise, all of which seem to be helping, and the swelling and pain are very gradually reducing overall.

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