Thursday, November 9, 2006


Well it's been nearly seven weeks now since my knee surgery, and I have to admit I'm pretty discouraged at this point.  I still am having trouble walking, with a continued limp, and can't yet fully flex or extend my knee.  There is pain remaining with most activities and I'm having to work really hard just to try and remain optimistic about the whole situation.  Everyone I've spoken with who's had a lateral release didn't seem to have this much of a delay in recovery, and I've followed my physical therapy instructions to the letter.  I voiced my discouragement with my physical therapist at this morning's rehab session, and he went across the hall to speak with my surgeon while I was doing my stretching exercises.  Apparently the surgeon went over my operative photos with my therapist, and informed him that I had grade 4 bone defect changes in the knee - the scale is 0 to 4, with 0 being normal...

Still, I'm trying to hang in there.   Trying

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