Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Sound of Music

I'm very excited and pleased that I have just been accepted as a music student by renowned flute instructor, Helen Spielman. I met with her this evening for an initial interview, and she has agreed to take me on as a student this fall. I feel that a month of instruction in the basics will provide me a solid foundation for pursuing my interest in playing the flute on my own after that, and I'm delighted and honored that a teacher of Mrs. Spielman's caliber has accepted me. In the same vein that a poor instructor can drain the joy and life out of an artistic endeavor, the right one can inspire the student to heights of achievement and heartfelt enthusiasm beyond anything imaginable. As a result of my interview with Ms. Spielman this evening, I truly feel that she is one of those inspiring and soulful teachers and I very much look forward to our upcoming sessions.

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