Sunday, November 6, 2005

Last Race of the Season

Dance with the Devil Race This weekend was my last race of the 2005 season - the Dance with the Devil 12-Hour race at Devil's Ridge in Sanford. As I really haven't been on my bike all that much lately, at least compared to what I usually was earlier in the year, and am still having some knee and arm joint troubles which prevented me from really feeling up to going it alone at this event, I managed to persuade my friend Matt to do this one as a Duo with me. We wound up in 6th place out of 8 two-person teams (against some very strong men's duo teams, I might add!), but I believe we were the only Coed Duo, and we managed to get in 19 laps on the roughly 4-1/2 mile course (I had 9 and Matt had 10). I weenied out of doing a 10th lap, but overall I think we made a great team, with our lap times actually very consistent and wonderful camaraderie between us. It was Matt's first race and I think he did just an amazing job! We had a ton of fun, the race was quite well run, and my husband, Steve, was gracious enough to come out and provide support for us as well as spending many hours of his time taking well over 400 photos of pretty much every rider which he has posted Here.

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  1. Yippee...sounds like you had a great ride. Will you be enduro-ing at all next year? Here's to a nice bit of off time to heal all those joint woes. - Mallie