Thursday, February 17, 2005

Women Rock

The local BMX organization has decided to let folks race mountain bikes at their weekly events, so last Sunday Steve decided to try his hand at it. They ended up having four entrants in the mountain bike class. In the first moto, Steve came in second, then won the second moto, to finally go on and place first in the Final! I had gone out for a regular cross country mountain bike ride earlier in the day, and then came out to the BMX track that afternoon, just in time to get a few pictures of Steve racing, which was of course very exciting. However, equally as entertaining for me was seeing all the very tiny kids - they have 4-year-olds out there racing!!! - in their diminutive little motocross pants, looking like teency aliens in those gargantuan full-face helmets, some even already using clipless pedals, riding like miniature professionals around the track. And then I saw one of those very fast kids zipping across the finish line in first place with the #1 number plate on the front of what looked like a titanium BMX bike, pulling off that helmet to reveal.....a girl winning out of a class full of boys!!! Sometimes women just rock. :)

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