Monday, February 7, 2005

Puppy Kisses

Puppy Kisses I was sitting at my desk typing this morning (I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from home at the present time), generally feeling over-stressed, discouraged and basically just "wrung-out" due to a variety of family, job, and personal concerns, when I felt a gentle pressure on my forearm. I looked over to see a furry chin resting on my arm and a pair of the kindest, sweetest, most openly loving puppy eyes staring into mine. Upon gaining my attention, Spyder's tail began to wag, slowly at first, then more and more rapidly until his whole body began to quiver with that "play with me" tempo. I couldn't resist his invitation, so gently stroked his little face and head. Each time I pulled my hand away to resume typing, I was reminded that he was not finished being pat, and I would find either a paw on my arm, or have a little face thrust toward me, with a gentle "snappy mouth" play bite, like a rapid-fire cartoon version of "Alien". When asked "What do you want?", he sprang into the kitchen, pounced on his doggy coat, and ran back into my office, with as much of his jacket crammed into his mouth as possible. Once I put his coat on him and let him into the back yard to romp around and play, I realized that my stresses and worries were slowly melting away and all I could see was Spyder's happy tail waving in the morning sunshine.

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